Bullying and Hate Crime

Bullying OR Hate Crime

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-015 Not all bullying can be called hate crime. Not all bullying focusses on differences or uses them to taunt people. This page uses a range of scenarios to promote discussion of what is or is not hate crime.

Bullying AND Hate Crime

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-014 A one page intorduction to the concepts of 'Diversity' and 'Hate Crime'. This page goes on to discuss the ways in which the law can be used to protect those who might become victims of hate crime.

Dare to Be Different

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-011 An activity for the younger end of the K.S. 2 age range, this activity explores the notion of ‘different’. Key concept: we are all indivduals – we have similarities and differences, whatever our background or origins may be.

What Would You Do?

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-016 A resource which can be used following work with pupils to consider what is and what is not hate crime. Pupils are asked to focus on six situations – and decide what action to take.

Smart Move or Bad Call? - Anti-Bullying Strategies

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-008 A range of strategies for dealing with bullying is offered. Some of the strategies are useful and valid – other are not. Pupils are asked to decide which they would / would not use – and comment upon each one.

Bullying Yes or No?

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-006 Six scenarios are offered, three of them describe a situation which could be termed bullying. Pupils are asked to give their opinion – bullying yes or no?

Tricky Situations / Case Studies

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-bhc-005 The four key elements of bullying are described. Pupils are then asked to condsider three scenarios and comment upon : - a.Whether they constitute bullying b.If bullying is present – how it might be dealt with. A list of strategies is also offered for dealing with bullying  

How Serious is It? - The Effects of Bullying

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-009 A one page resource emphasising the fact that, whatever it’s form – bullying is always hurtful and harmful. Young people are asked to reflect on the way that a variety of bullying behaviours might make them feel.


Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-bhc-004 A simple 'use words and pictures' activity which asks young people to explore their own definition of / view on bullying.

Cyber Bullying / Think!

Keystage: 2 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-bhc-002 Two pages that work together to explore text and email bullying and the actions that can be taken to stop it and/or help those involved or affected.
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