Personal Safety

A Mobile Phone Code

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-ps-008 The mobile phone code focuses on issues of phone usage, security, theft, distraction ( leading to accidents) and the laws which are deigned to prevent mobile phone bullying or harassment.

My Support Network

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-ps-007 This resource asks young people to document the people they would consider to be part of their support network. They are asked to consider who they would turn to in a range of situations.

Our Body's Early Warning Signs

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-ps-004 The key focus of this resource is that our bodies have in-built, physiological ways of warning us when we are threatened or in danger. This activity encourages young people to listen to what their body is telling them – and to act upon it.

My Personal Safety - Out Alone

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-ps-003 This resource focuses on two key issues in personal safety:Learning to be aware of yourself (what you are wearing / how you appear)Learning to be aware of your environment and the potential risks if poses to your safety 

Tricks and Lies - Opening the Door to Strangers

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-ps-006 Never open the door to strangers. Don’t forget that dangerous strangers can be very persuasive. Pupils are asked to consider the lies that strangers might tell to gain access to their homes or to encourage them to get into cars / go with them. 

Safer Surfer 1 & 2

Keystage: 2 Pages: 3 Reference: pl-ps-005 Resources offering information regarding safe use of the internet with chat room safety being a particular focus. Key learning points include:Don’t over do itDon’t assume that the content you see is factualWatch out for chat rooms – you do not know who you are talking toNever give personal details or arrange to meet anyone  

Diamond 9 - Staying Safe

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ps-002 Keeping yourself safe requires individuals to draw upon a variety of strategies. This resource asks young people to discuss a variety of strategies and rank them in terms of the usefulness / importance.

My Personal Safety

Keystage: 2 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ps-001 This double page resource is designed to underline and explore of the importance of keeping the adults who care for you informed of your movements - at all times.
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