Young People and the Law

The Impact of Crime

Keystage: 3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-022 Two pages which explore 7 individual situations. Young people are asked to consider if those involved in the situations are breaking the law. This discussion is then extended to examine who is affected by the situation and how they are affected (now and in the future).

Gravity Factors

Keystage: 3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-021 Two pages which explain and explore gravity factors and their impact on the way that offences are dealt with by police / courts.

Vandalism - Who Suffers?

Keystage: 2 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-019 A double page activity exploring the concept of vandalism and highlighting its potential impact upon others. A key concept is that vandalism directly affects the people in our community.

Actions, Outcomes, Responsibility

Keystage: 3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-018 The legal implications of a crime are only one aspect of it. This case study is designed to allow pupils to explore the restorative impact of situations.

I'd Never Get Involved

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-ypl-016 Peer pressure is a powerful force – this activity considers the way in which friends may try to influence behaviour and the peer resistance strategies available to young people.

Criminal Damage

Keystage: upper 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-020 A double page activity targeting a slightly higher age range. These two pages ask young people to consider a range of situations containing anti-social behaviour (vandalism / arson / criminal damage) and grade the perceived severity of each act.Further to this pupils are asked to discuss definitions of the words vandalism and graffiti – and are offered an introduction to the relevant legislation.  

No Harm Done?

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-006 An in depth case study, surrounding the behaviour of young people congregating around the entrance of a small supermarket. Pupils are asked to comment on the impact of the behaviour. The legal implications for those involved in the incident area also examined (Final Warning Scheme / ABC / ASBO).

Final Warning Scheme

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-002 Introduces young people to the basic structure, operation and impact of the Final Warning Scheme.

Under Arrest / Being Interviewed / Stop and Search

Keystage: 3/4 Pages: 3 Reference: pl-ypl-012 Three resource pages providing basic factual information for young people and their carers. Officers may wish to use these resources to supplement presentations or support other activities.

Is It an Offence?

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-ypl-011 Two A4 pages that together to form an A3 activity chart. The chart lists a range of situations – and asks young people to consider whether the law is broken in any of them. In addition to the question of laws being broken, young people are also asked to consider the restorative impact of each situation.


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