Violent Crime

Why? / Why Not?

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 2 Reference: pl-vc-009 Two A4 pages which ask young people to consider: -Why some people think that violence is the best route to resolve conflict.Why fighting is not the best solution.  

Guns and the Law

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-vc-002 A supplementary resource sheet which can be used alongside the In a Split Second resource.

Knives in School / Thinking About Knives

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-vc-001 Brief case studies to explore the key fact: 'It is against the law to be in possession of an offensive weapon (including knives with blades over 7.62cm long) in a public place (including schools)'.

Thinking it Through

Keystage: 3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-vc-008 What is / is not a violent crime? How might a conviction for a violent crime against a minor affect a person’s future employment / travel etc.

Just a Joke?

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-vc-007 A 'comic strip' case study which focuses upon an incident in which young people 'messing around' with replica guns, trigger a police alert. Young people using the activity are asked to consider the incident in terms of the legal implications a, the impact on others and the possible outcomes. The fact sheet 'Guns and the Law' should be used alongside this resource.

In a Split Second & the Legal Consequences

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 3 Reference: pl-vc-003 Three pages which work together to explore issues relating to gun crime and the law. Page 1 takes the form of a case study – focussing on a gun crime incident carried out by KS2 aged pupil in a junior playground. The restorative / legal implications of the incident are then explored in pages 2 and 3. NB: Legal terms explored include : Age of Criminal Responsibility and Final Warning Scheme.
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