Focus on Risk

What is Risk

Keystage: 2/3 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-rsk-003 The key concept of risk is discussed and explored. It is then appliedto a range of situations familiar to this age range of young people e.g. going out alone or socialising, using buses and taxis, being a driver or a passenger.

Defining Risk

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-rsk-005 This activity asks pupils to define the term 'risk' and then to decide upon the level of risk in a range of given situations. 

Taking Action - prevention is better than cure

Keystage: 2 Pages: 1 Reference: pl-rsk-004 A key element of accident prevention is the ability to assess the risk in any given situation and take appropriate action. This activity asks pupils to spot key hazards in a range situation, and then to discuss and record possible prevention strategies.
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