Key Partners

Safety Network hosts young people focussed resources for a range of agencies. All of the resources have been drawn from our extensive citizenship and safety Resource Bank. Below are some examples of the agencies who work with us, both on-line and in print.

Our on-line partners...               

Suffolk Constabulary

Suffolk Constabulary has had an on-line resource bank since 2013. Accessed by password, the resources have been selected for use by officers in youth facing roles. Key themes include Good Citizenship and ASB, Young People and the Law ( re-written for LASPO), Substance Awareness (inc. alcohol) and Risk. Resources on this site are released on a termly, theme led basis.

Thames Valley Police

TVP was the first UK force to develop an on-line resource bank linked to the Safety Network. Working with schools officers, we piloted the most user friendly layout and format. The resource bank has subsequently been updated and extended in response to changing requirements - and is still in regular use.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary 

Avon and Somerset Constabulary currently has one of the most extensive banks of on-line resources - following a collaborative development process involving around 20 schools facing officers. Existing resources were re-drafted and amended to suit local needs  - allowing officers to contribute their own skills and knowledge and 'take ownership'  of the pack.

Hampshire Think Safe On-line

Hampshire Think Safe is a county wide series of 'hands on' safety events for top junior (Y6) children. Young people attending the events originally received a traditional paper workbook. However, with an eye to sustainability, the  multi-agency Think Safe team took the decision to migrate their workbook resources to an on-line pack for schools. This move has enabled them to reduce annual costs and extend the range of materials on offer.

LV Streetwise - On line

The LV Streetwise Safety Centre, Dorset, is a permanent safety centre and an enduring success story. Opened in 1997 the centre originally offered teachers  a full 'post visit' printed resource book. Today it offers teachers an entry code to an on-line pack which contains all the original resources, plus many more. 

Our print partners.



Shropshire Crucial Crew / Safety Scene (print)

'Hands on' safety events for young people are organised by multi-agency teams across the UK. Targeting top junior ( Y6) pupils, the events reach tens of thousands of young people, offering key messages relating to issues such as road, rail, water and fire safety - as well as drugs education, good citizenship, anti- bullying and internet safety. Many of these events seek to take the learning further, by offering a post event workbook. Shropshire Crucial Crew and Safety Scene have worked with us to produce their own 'tailored' resource for 2011/12.

Hertfordshire Crucial Crew Workbook (print)

Hertfordshire Crucial Crew is the name given to the range of interractive childrens safety events staged across Hertfordshire. So popular and effective are the events, that many have been running for a decade or more. Indeed, Stevenage Crucial Crew is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Our editor has worked with the Crucial Crew agencies for the last ten years to produce annual editions of the Hertfordshire Crucial Crew Workbook. For more information visit

Guernsey Safety Calling (Print)

Our print resources are not limited to UK mainland projects. For the last ten years we have produced the annual 'Safety Calling' event workbook for Guernsey. One of the few remaining 'sponsorship' funded publications in our range, this workbook continues thanks to the generosity of local agencies and businesses. Each year we work with Guernsey's Health Promotion Unit, to ensure that every Y6 pupil within the Bailiwick of Guernsey receives a copy of the book

Kent Constabulary and Kent Fire and Rescue Service (print)

Although many of our partners work with us to select materials from our existing resource bank, we also work with clients to develop new materials 'from scratch'. In 2010, our editor Caroline Booth worked with Kent Fire and Police to produce the 'Alcohol - The 'Down in One' Book -  a full colour, cartoon style resource for secondary pupils ( KS3/4). Since then other Safety Network members have had the materials added to their resource sites.

The Risk Factory (print)

The Risk Factory is the purpose built Safety Centre for Edinburgh and the Lothians. Opened in 2007, the centre has used print resources from our resource bank to create their own Risk Factory Workbook.

Epping Forest Crucial Crew (print)

It is said that the first multi agency children's safety event was staged in London and today,  there is still a thriving network of events in both Essex and the Greater London Area. For many of these events it has been the commitment of individuals and agencies that has enabled them to endure. The Epping Forest Crucial Crew is a good example of this, having run for xxxx years.


Working with key agencies...

The main aim of the Safety Network is to explore key themes, in a way that young people can understand and relate to. In effect we use our experience of working with young people to 'translate' what you want to say - into a format that young people will be able to understand.

As a part of the 'translating' process, we draw upon the knowledge of our partners and the  expertise of agencies who are leaders in their field. Examples of agencies that we have worked with include: -

RSSB ( Rail Safety Standards Board)

Rail safety scenarios feature in many Crucial Crew and Junior Citizen events. Caroline Booth, our edior worked with the RSSB to develop a range of rail safety resources that reflect the RSSB's key safety messages. These resources have been used in thousands of printed resources and a number of on-line packs.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Water and coastal safety is a key theme for most safety events. The MCA has, for many years, offered advice and input into our resources - ensuring that they stay up to date and accurate.

Girlguiding UK

In 2010 our editor Caroline Booth worked with GGUK and CSEC ( Child Safety Education Coalition) to re-visit key the 'curriculum' for Brownie and Guide Safety Badges. Following the updating of the badge requirements, a range of session resources was developed for each badge. These resources are hosted on the GGUK website for leaders to access.

Dogs Trust

Formerly the National Canine Defence League - Dogs Trust has a wealth of experience regarding the safety and wellbeing of both dogs, owners and the general public. When we have been asked to provide resources relating to safer behaviours around dogs, Dog's Trust has been an excellent source of advice and support.


Young People and The Law

As a result of the Crime and Disorder Act (1998)  and the review of Youth Justice, many changes emerged regarding the way in which the law dealt with young people. Our thanks must go to the numerous Police Officers who have helped us to understand and interpret the legislation - enabling us to produce accessible resources for young people. This is an on-going and necessarily collaborative process as we are not legal experts - just translators!