Interactive Zone

In the course of our work developing on-line and paper resources for agencies, we have also been asked to provide some interactive materials for safety related sites. The three simple examples shown are designed for use by KS2 pupils. Click on the doors to have a go at each one.

Safer Routes  

Safer Routes

Why is there never a crossing when you need one? Smarter pedestrians can cross safely wherever they are. They look out for safer routes and safer places to cross.

Take the safer route challenge. Work out safer routes for three people. Check your scores for each route.


Good Citizen


Good Citizen Or Public Pest

When you live in a community, everything that you do can affect the people around you.Take a trip along the high street of Mytown centre. Can you sort the good citizens from the public pests.


Worth The Risk


Worth the Risk?

How good are you at predicting risks? Can you look at a situation and decide what dangers it might hold?

Test your skills by taking the '4 step Risk Trail'